GTI Fitness offers group fitness through spin classes, and individual fitness through personal training. This studio was built because we found what was missing in the fitness world was INTENSITY. We noticed that when people found a mode of exercise that worked for them personally, they stayed with it too long or would get complacent. Changing the mode of exercise isn’t always the cure for this problem; the key is CHANGING THE INTENSITY!

Class Descriptions
Spin Class

Spin class is a 50 min cardio class that has zero impact on the feet, knees or back. It is great for cardiovascular fitness, quadricep and hamstring strengthening as well as muscular endurance. There is a 5 min warm up and a 5 min cool down and stretching at the end of each spin class.


A combination of cardio and weight bearing and balance challenging exercises. To KICKSTART the metabolism and chase bodyfat out of town!

Group Personal Training

Group personal training is a 50 min class that is focused on weight training. It is a circuit training type class meaning that you have 3-6 stations that you will do for 1 minute each then move to the next station. The excises will be either body weight or light weights and be in proportion to your strength level. They could also have components that require balance or another challenge. There is a 5 min warm up followed by stretching at the end of each class.

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