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GTI Fitness and Davidjon offer you an indoor cycling experience that is second to none! The cycling studio is designed with top of the line Spinning Bikes, a customized computer to track your chest-pounding, calorie burning, muscle building workout – Also equipped with surround sound and dance floor lighting, which all comes together to give you the ride of your life! The GTI ride heightens the senses, energizes, invigorates and motivates you to push to levels you didn’t know you could achieve. Indoor cycling is as high-powered as any cardio class. In fact, a 50-minute ride burns an average of 500-800 calories.

If you are new to the indoor cycling phenomenon, it is a superb, low-impact way to burn a boat-load of calories while listening to invigorating, energizing music and riding with like people in harmony. We welcome any and all types of riders from the "never tried it" to the "I'd die without it".

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life! 

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The personal training concept is one of functional training, meaning incorporating every day movement into the training exercises.  Davidjon uses incremental increases in difficulty for weight training, balance and unilateral as well as bilateral exercises.  He incorporates shorter rest intervals and multiple muscle recruitment to increase the metabolism and caloric consumption to build strength and muscle.
Longer rest intervals and less complex exercises can be employed as well.


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GTI FITNESS and Davidjon offer group fitness through spin classes, and individual fitness through personal training.  This studio was built because Davidjon found that what was missing in the fitness world was INTENSITY.  He noticed that when people found a mode of exercise that worked for them personally, they stayed with it too long or would get complacent.  Changing the mode of exercise isn’t always the cure for this problem; the key can be CHANGING THE INTENSITY!  Consequently, GTI Fitness was born. 

“It ain’t for everybody, It’s for you”!
“you can’t go over it, you can’t go around it, you can’t go under it, You have to “GoThroughIt” !!!

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